Day 1 – Pantry Purge


Click Here to see a quick video of everything that came out of my pantry!


If you follow me on Instagram, you will notice that I have started the 21 Day Primal Blueprint Total Body Transformation. Day 1 was on Monday, and it consisted of cleaning out the ol’ pantry.

I was surprised at how much stuff had crept into our pantry over the holidays. Half, we bought. Half was given to us.

I did not throw away any of the food here. I have put it into our food storage. Some of it will make its way back into our lives, after I have transformed my body from burning primarily glucose, to burning primarily fat. It will be used purely as supplemental carbs, during those days where I need a little something extra.

I’ll keep a journal of how the experience goes.

-Your Gluten Free Buddy


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