Gluten Free Does NOT Always Mean Healthy

For my first post, I wanted to make things very clear about going “gluten free”. It is super hipster to go gluten free right now. What this means for most folks though, is trading out those gluten-filled Oreos, for gluten free Oreos. If that is the case, you are about to walk into some pretty awful habits.

Let’s take the Oreo example, and look at some ingredients you would find in a typical gluten free cookie package.

So let’s see here. There are some parts that are cut off, but RED FLAG! I see vegetable shortening as the 3rd or 4th ingredient. Yuck. There is also soy in the vegetable shortening, and with my Hashimoto’s Disease, I avoid soy. I also see soy lecithin, which I avoid, and a whole lot of other ingredients not typically found in nature.

Go ahead and watch the video above, where Real Food Liz does a fantastic job in explaining what it really means to “go gluten free”.

And check out her site for helpful blog posts, recipes, and podcasts, all about a real food lifestyle.

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